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Recent Aricles - see left and below
04/22 May 1 Prog: DurHamFest Planning / Show & Tell
03/22 Apr 3 Program: Amateur Radio Digital Voice
02/28 Mar 6 Program: Solar Powered Trash Handling
02/01 Public Service Opportunites Coming Up
01/28 Feb 6 Program: Drones for Geoscience
12/28 Jan 2 Program: Magic with KA5JUJ
12/27 Members & Club Contribute to Bouvet DXpedition
11/15 Dec 5 Program: DFMA Christmas Party
11/11 Supporting the Bouvet Island DXpedition
10/22 Nov 7 Program: Restoration of a 50's AM Xmitter
9/27 Oct 3 Program: Show and Tell
8/29 Sep 5 Program: Vanity Calls - How To
8/09 DFMA Group Purchase from Ed Fong - WB6IQN
8/02 DFMA Officers Elected
7/27 Aug 1 Meeting: Show & Tell --- Elections
7/02 Jul 18 Program: A Tri-Band Antenna
6/27 The July Meeting is not Until July 18!
6/21 Field Day is Just About Here
5/31 Jun 6 Program: Field Day 2017
5/25 Duke Harrison, K2MZ, sk
5/21 DurHamFest 2017 is Almost Here!
5/03 A Joint DFMA/OCRA Mail Reflector
4/30 What has Happened to dfma.org?
4/25 May 2 Meeting Program: DurHamFest


May 1 Program: DurHamFest Planning and Show & Tell

In lieu of a regular program we will finalize our plans for DurHamFest. This will be the club’s 44th DurHamFest! Please join us and help complete our plans so that we can ensure another successful and fun event. Our DurHamFest Chair, Jack, KM4MBG, will preside.

We will likely have some time for the always fun and informative Show & Tell. Please bring something of interest and plan on spending about 5 minutes talking about it.

- Chuck, KW4KZ 4/22/18

April 3 Program: Amateur Radio Digital Voice

April's program will be presented by Kevin Otte, N8VNR. "Just as we have progressed from AM to SSB, ham radio is moving into the digital age. Come learn about the benefits of digital voice on the air and how it's being used here in the Triangle. If you're already a digital user, bring your rig along for a show-and-tell."

Bio: Kevin N8VNR has been licensed for over 25 years and currently holds an Extra class ticket. Preferring a good ragchew over a contest, you'll often find him tinkering on various new technologies. He lives in the shadow of the DFMA tower in Hillsborough.

- Chuck, KW4KZ 3/22/18

March 6 Program: Solar Powered Trash Handling

Representatives from MoonRise Solar Solutions will provide information on the implementation of Big Belly solar compactors. Big Belly solar compactors replace regular trash and recycle collectors found around cities, college campuses, and parks. They will discuss the technology involved and the environmental benefits.

- Chuck, KW4KZ 2/28/18

Public Service Opportunites Coming Up

Spring is rapidly approaching, and with Spring, a young man's (and YL's) thoughts turn to........ham radio public service (well, maybe).

Below is a link to the sign-up page created for this spring's events, and events being posted as they are confirmed.
There are opportunities for SAGS, Rest Stop Monitors, and some shadows.

Please check the page now and then as it will be updated as other events are confirmed with their respective groups.

Thank you in advance and we look forward to working with you again as the season heats up.
Best regards Dan KD4AGQ 2/1/18

February 6 Program: Drones for Geoscience

Our speaker, Justyna Jeziorska, sent us the following info:

Drones for Geoscience involves interdisciplinary STEM approaches that focuses on discovery, interpretation and communication of meaningful patterns in location-based data. This field develops and apply geospatial approaches to complex problems, advancing innovative solutions using spatial data. Justyna Jeziorska from NCSU Center for Geospatial Analytics specializes in imagery processing techniques with Unmanned Aerial Systems(UAS) and will be presenting valuable insights about the recent advancements in the field of Geoscience analytics using the drone technologies. Please refer to the following link for more information.

Speaker Information:

Justyna Jeziorska is a Research Associate in the Center for Geospatial Analytics at NC state University. Jeziorska is a geographer, cartographer and GIS specialist who has been working with UAS-obtained imagery since 2012, processed countless UAS-obtained datasets, and teaches NC State students how to use drones for their research. In the process, Jeziorska has published many research papers in the subject matter. Jeziorska also teaches brief continuous professional development workshop involving UAS Operations & Analytics at NCSU - where students learn to select a drone matching their needs, fly safely and legally at NC, prepare and execute flights to collect data, get the most out of your drone & UAS data, and processing concepts from raw UAS imagery into a final useful analytics. https://cnr.ncsu.edu/geospatial/directory/justyna-jeziorska/

- Chuck, KW4KZ 1/28/18

January 2 Program: Magic with KA5JUJ

The program will be figuratively and literally magical. Martin, KA5JUJ will be demonstrating his skills as a magician. This will be a fun program you won’t want to miss!

- Dee, KU4GC 12/28/17

DFMA Members and Club Contribute to the Bouvet DXpedition

With the interest expressed by DFMA members to provide some level of contribution toward the upcoming Bouvet Island DXpedition, the DFMA facilitated member donations and provided a matching contribution up to a $200 maximum.

Member donations came to a total of $210 plus the club $200 matching donation for a total of $410 donated to Bouvet Island DXpedition. OCRA collected the same amount from their membership. The individual donors through the DFMA are (from the largest to the smallest were):

  • N8BR
  • KM4MDR
  • KX4P
  • KU4GC
  • W3AHL
  • W4ORD
  • KA5JUJ

Further details regarding contributions, news and updates on the expedition can be found at https://www.bouvetdx.org/

- Dan, KR4UB 12/27/17

December 5 Program: DFMA Christmas Party

DFMA 2016 Christmas Party

We are continuing a tradition of having the DFMA pick up the tab for members at our December Christmas Dinner Meeting. The festivities will be at Bullock's Barbecue Restaurant in Durham starting at 6:00 p.m. You will be able to order from the menu. Members can bring one guest — bring your spouse or friend!

This is our Christmas Meeting — In that tradition you may (optionally):

  • Bring a Christmas gift to be distributed to needy children through Toys for Tots. If wrapped, mark gender and age range on the outside. If not wrapped, that's fine too. If you have one — a gift bag would work too.
  • Make a donation. The Club will make its annual Christmas gift, splitting it between the Food Bank of North Carolina and the Durham Rescue Mission. We will be passing the "hat" for personal contributions. Cash contributions will also be split between the two organizations.

In past years some people have dropped a check in the hat. You can make it out to any charity you like. We can forward it and the cancelled check can be handy at tax time.

But, if you are not in a position to donate anything this year, please come anyway. Or if you are making a special effort through your church or at the office, don’t feel pressured to do more than you really should. Your presence at this dinner is a gift to all of us.

Since this is our annual Christmas Party we won’t have a program as usual. However, we will continue the fun tradition of soliciting “Ham New Year’s Resolutions.” Please join us for some wonderful holiday fellowship.

- Dee, KU4GC 11/15/17

Supporting the Bouvet Island DXpedition

At recent DFMA, OCRA board & club meetings, interest has been expressed by members to provide some level of contribution toward the upcoming Bouvet Island DXpedition planned for early next year. The budget for this DXpedition is three quarters of a million dollars. Participants must each contribute $17,000 or their own money. There have been many contributions, corporate sponsors, etc., but they are still approximately $100,000 short of their funding goal.

The Durham FM Association and Orange County Radio Amateur clubs will facilitate member donations and provide a matching contribution up to a maximum total of $200 from each club. Club treasurers will forward member and matching donations to the Bouvet Island effort.

To make a donation through the DFMA to the Bouvet Island Expedition

Give a check to the DFMA Treasurer or send a check indicating a donation for the Bouvet Expedition to the following address:
Bouvet Island Expedition Donation
c/o Durham FM Association
P.O. Box 2411
Durham, NC 27715

To make a donation through OCRA to the Bouvet Island Expedition

Present to the OCRA Treasurer or send a check indicating a donation for the Bouvet Expedition to the following address:
Bouvet Island Expedition Donation
c/o Orange County Radio Amateurs, Inc
P.O. Box 295
Carrboro, NC 27510


Donation to OCRA by Credit Card or PayPal can be made by going to the OCRA website, NCOCRA.org and using
its link to PayPal.

Donations by members should be completed by December 11th.

73, Dan, KR4UB 11/18/17

November 7 Program: Restoration of a 50's Homebrew AM Transmitter

Homebrew AM Transmitter

John, KX4P, has completed restoration of a 1950s home-brew AM transmitter. It was designed and constructed by one of John's "Elmers" that introduced him to amateur radio and a career in electronics. The transmitter is typical of many Ham radio stations of the era. It is constructed from radio/TV repair and WW II surplus parts, and from ARRL Handbook articles. Plus, it really worked!

Reconstruction was a challenge as there were no instructions, schematics or parts list to go with the unit. In addition, one of the critical chassis had gone up in smoke (literally - caught fire) !

The presentation shows reconstruction from start to finish. Short movies are included demonstrating CW and AM phone operation.

Even as a new ham, you will appreciate and enjoy learning about a piece of our amateur radio history that many others in our club have experienced !

- John, KX4P 10/22/17

October 3 Program: Show and Tell

The program is the always fun and informative Show – and – Tell. Please bring something of interest and plan on spending about 5 minutes talking about it.

- Chuck, KW4KZ 9/26/17

September 5 Program: Vanity Calls - How To

Our speaker for September 5th will be DFMA member Tad Danley K3TD. He will speak about the vanity call program and what calls are about to be released.

For his background, Tad reports:

  • First licensed in 1972 as a Technician, WA3TGR, while a student in high school. Upgraded to Advanced in the '80s when the 'new' current call sign structure was implemented and received KB3PF. Upgraded to Extra in the '90s to assist as a Volunteer Examiner and received NZ3I. Received my current call in '96 in Gate 2 of the Vanity call sign program
  • Primary interests are anything to do with 50 MHz, HF and VHF contesting, stealth antennas and helping new hams get started in any of these activities including how to get a Vanity call

- Chuck, KW4KZ 8/29/17

DFMA Group Purchase from Ed Fong - WB6IQN

At our July meeting, Ed Fong, WB6IQN, presented a program where he discussed his antenna designs and his latest triband antenna. At the end of his presentation he listed a few items that he is selling and suggested he would pick up the shipping for group orders. The two items that seemed to attract the most interest are his triband antenna, TBJ-1, for $60 and an HF SSB handheld SDR based receiver, the GP5/SSB, for $60.

Chuck, KW4KZ, has agreed to coordinate the group purchase. When compiled, he will send off the order with a DFMA check. You can then make your payments to the DFMA. Chuck’s email address is
chanoia33 at gmail point com

Please email me as soon as possible, latest by Friday, August 25th. This should give us a chance to have the orders available at the September 5th DFMA club meeting.

Below are some more details on these two items.

TBJ-1 triband base antenna
2m/220 MHz/70 cm – $60 - includes shipping with 6ft of pvc pipe.

	Handehld HF Receiver

CountyComm GP5/SSB
The latest and best portable handheld HF SSB receiver in the world. Fully software defined using the SiLabs 4734 DSP chip. Has software defined product detector and DSP SSB filters for true LSB and USB. 450 memories

$60 - Stereo earphones, external AM ferrite antenna, external shortwave antenna, soft carrying pouch, and user manual

Frequency Coverage –
MW/ AM: 520 – 1710 kHz (10K tuning step )
SW: 1.7-30 MHz AM/SSB/CW (with DSP SSB filters)
LW: 150 – 522 kHz AM/SSB/CW
FM: 76 – 108 MHz – stereo
Displays ambient temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius
Operating time: 225 hrs at 40% Volume
LCD Backlight

Ed's entire set of slides for his talk are available in PDF form by pressing the link below. This gives more information on the products mentioned above and at the very end lists some other items that can be purchased.
Ed Fong - DFMA Talk 2017

For more information on Ed’s antennas see his website: http://edsantennas.weebly.com/about.html

- Chuck, KW4KZ 8/9/17

DFMA Officers Elected

At the August meeting, elections followed the recommndations of the nominating committee headed by Skip, WB4P. Elected (mostly re-elected) were:
President – Dee (KU4GC), Vice President – Chuck (KW4KZ), Treasurer – M.K. (W4MKR), Secretary – Dan (KR4UB), Repeater Manager – Charlie (NC4CD), Board Member – Paul (N2XZF) and Board Member – David (KW4XL).

Thanks to the outgoing board members Mark (KR3AM) and Michael (KK4EIB) for their years of service. Karen (KD4YJZ) and John (KM4MDR) will serve the second year of their terms.
- Dee, KU4GC 8/2/17

August 1 Meeting: Show & Tell --- Elections

We will first hold our yearly election of Board of Director Officers and At-Large Members. The nominating committee has proposed:
Officer Candidates
President – Dee Ramm (KU4GC)
Vice President – Chuck Anoia (KW4KZ)
Treasurer – M.K. Ramm (W4MKR)
Secretary – Dan Eddleman (KR4UB)
Repeater Manager – Charlie Durst (NC4CD)
At-Large Member Candidates (in alphabetical order)
Paul Robertson (N2XZF)
David Vielbaum (KW4XL)
Nominations from the floor are welcome.

That will only take a few minutes so we will have time for the always fun and informative Show & Tell. Please bring something of interest and plan on spending about 5 minutes talking about it.
- Dee, KU4GC 7/27/17

July 18 Program: A Tri-Band Antenna

Ed Fong, WB6IQN, will join us again from California via Skype. Ed last joined us in November 2015 to discuss his dual-band J-Pole antenna. This month Ed will talk about his tri-band antenna design. Ed is currently on the faculty of UC Santa Cruz and has had several antenna articles published in both QST and CQ magazines.
- Dee, KU4GC 7/2/17

The July Meeting is not Until July 18!

Ever since we've been meeting at Bullock's BBQ, we have had to handle July differently. As long as I can remember, Bullock's has closed for two weeks including July 4th. For several years, we used an alternate site to meet in July, but as our attendence has grown we no longer fit there and scheduling turned out to be awkward there as well.

The simplest solution turned out to be meeting on the third Tuesday of the month in July. Note that this is the time slot for the DFMA Board Meeting. So, the regular Board meeting has been cancelled with the understanding that we can have a quick meeting just before the regular meeting if something important comes up. More in the July Link. (Just read the minutes.)
- Dee, KU4GC 6/27/17

Field Day is Just About Here.

If you haven't taken steps yet to be involved, let me give this one last try.

Our collaboration with the Orange County club has been extremely productive. Our joint Field Day efforts have put us into the top ten nationally year after year and #3 the last two years. And this, again, is a case where we can really get to know people by working together.

The set up on Friday is something I highly recommend for all members, but especially newer members. There are well-defined things that need to be done and many of the jobs absolutely require several people working closely together (raising a tower comes to mind). Even with no previous experience you will be prompted in how to do what is needed and meanwhile you will learn a lot and get to know your club members (and the few active OCRA members who are not also DFMA members) better.

That evening, the potluck dinner will be another fun event where you can meet other hams and often, their spouses or friends as well. It also helps our significant others get to know the ham radio hobby better and in a very positive and delicious light.

Finally, do some operating. Here is a chance to try out HF operation with ready help from others. Often you can start by just watching and listening. Then you can help out by just logging, but you’ll quickly see how it works and soon you’ll be on the air. Working with others, you will be able to work with only a Tech license (or even none if you are still working on your first license.) Again, working together (with someone with an Extra class license) is how to move forward.

It's not too late to get involved. For setup, just show up on Friday and make known that you are there to help. For operation on Saturday and Sunday, go to one of the stations and watch and listen. If not invited to get more involved, ask if you can be of help. If things don't look promising, try another station.

If your time is really limited, feel free to just come by for a while and be impressed. It's that kind of event.

(For more information, click the Field Day button on the left. This will provide more inormation, a site map, and more info one food.)

Hope to see you this weekend.
- Dee, KU4GC 6/21/17

June 6 Program: Field Day 2017

In lieu of a regular program we will finalize our plans for the OCRA/DFMA Field Day 2017. Dave (W4SAR), our Field Day Coordinator, will lead the program.

We may have some time for some Show & Tell so feel free to bring something interesting to show and spend a few minutes talking about it.

Dee, KU4GC 5/31/17

PS: If you did not pick up your DFMA 2017 Directory and Repeater Guide at DurHamFest (few did), pick it up at the Tuesday meeting.

Duke Harrison, K2MZ, sk

Charles Harvey Harrison (January 7, 1931 - May 13, 2017)
Charles Harvey “Duke” Harrison, 86, of Mebane died Saturday, May 13 at the Hospice Home in Burlington. He was a native of Montclair, NJ, he was a graduate of Rennesselaer Polytechnic Institute and Hofstra University. As an engineer and patented inventor, he spent much of his career in the medical equipment industry; as a passionate pilot, he was also a flight instructor and chief judge for acrobatic contests. He never stopped learning new skills, earning professional licensing in building, refrigeration and airplane mechanics, a lifelong ham radio enthusiast and extensive traveler, he enjoyed meeting new people all over the world. He was a member of the First Presbyterian Church in Oyster Bay, NY and attended the Mebane Presbyterian Church. He was preceded in death by his parents, Marshall & Doris Street Harrison and the two great loves in his life, his first wife, Martha Masland Harrison in 1982 and second wife, Nancy Stevens Harrison on April 21, 2017.

Duke & Nancy at DFMA Meeting

He is survived by his children, David Marshall Harrison of Long Island, NY, Thomas Parker Harrison of Los Angeles, CA and Eve Masland Harrison Kossmann of Long Island, NY; step children, Allan Alva Dowds of Boston, MA, John Stevens Dowds of Louisville, Ky and Timothy Whittlesey Dowds of Mebane, NC; 12 grandchildren and a sister, Linda Harrison Buffett of Albuquerque, NM.

Memorials may be made to Hospice and Palliative Care of Alamance/Caswell, 914 Chapel Hill Road, Burlington, NC 27215. Online condolences may be sent to www.mcclurefuneralservice.net

Duke was an active member of the Durham FM Association and usually attended the monthly meetings with his wife, Nancy. Duke often brought intersting items for all to see when we had "Show & Tell" meetings. Nancy passed away in April. We will miss them both.

Most of the previous text was taken from the website of the McClure Funeral Services of Graham, NC.
- KU4GC, 5/25/17

DurHamFest 2017 is Almost Here!

Saturday (and before that Friday) will be here before you know it. This year's DurhamFest will again be at our “new” location at the Durham Public Schools Staff Development Center. (See detailed instructions by pressing on the DurHamFest button on the left.) We can still use more help.

There is still time to let Jack, KM4MBG, our new Hamfest Chair, know that you are ready to sign up for specific tasks. Specific areas that can always use more help are: Parking, Food Sales, Club Table and Talk-In. You can mail Jack at durhamfest at km4mbg dot org to let him know you will be helping.

If you can not make a fixed time commitment, you can still just show up and help. Key times will be assisting with Friday evening setup from 6pm to 8pm. Then Saturday at 7am we’ll do final setup and, where needed, help vendors move in as well. During the event, you can help out where needed. Someone may need to take a break at would be thankful for even brief relief. Then at 12:30pm we’ll shut down and many hands will make the work go faster and seem much lighter.

And, even if you can’t find time to help, do drop in. Buy something. Say hello to some old friends and make some new ones. Have a free cup of coffee. Don’t miss Wilson’s (W4BOH) super hamburgers and hot dogs. Everyone can use a good lunch. We hope we'll see you there!

Dee, KU4GC 5/21/17

ps: The 2017 DFMA Directory will be available to pick up at the ticket table for DFMA members whose dues are current. Ask for your copy. (You can also renew your membership there if you forgot that earlier.)

A Joint DFMA/OCRA Mail Reflector

One of the more successful means of non-radio communication among hams in this area has been the OCRA email reflector: NCOCRA@yahoogroups.com. If you subscribe to it, you receive everything that other subscribers post as email. For quite some time, the DFMA Board has discussed whether the DFMA needs something similar. One approach would have been to create a similar, but distinct, reflector (or mailing list) for the DFMA. The problem with that is that we have many joint members with OCRA and for many uses one would have to post things twice, once on each list. This would be particularly important at Field Day time when we operate jointly. Also, when DurHamFest approaches, or we need more participants for a public service event, much of what we post would be aimed at OCRA members as well.

The final result of this discussion and with approval of both the OCRA Board and the DFMA Board is that the DFMA will begin to use the NCOCRA reflector for DFMA business as well. Renaming the group was discussed but seems to be a problem with Yahoo resulting in losing all historical records. There will be some efforts in some of the other “labeling” to include the designation of “DFMA” as well. (There has been some discussion at OCRA to find a better email reflector system, and if that takes place, the naming of the new system would include “DFMA” as well as “OCRA”.)

So, if you are not already receiving the NCOCRA mailing, here is how to sign up.
If you do not already have one, you must create a Yahoo account (it’s free). If you so not want to bother with a Yahoo Account, Dave Snyder, W4SAR, can "enroll" you. Send him email with the email address you want things sent to. His email address is w4sar01 at gmail dot com .

Since this is a private group, it is moderated. This keeps out spammers, etc. This may delay your initial application until the moderators have approved you. You do not need to be an OCRA or DFMA member to get on the list.

You ask, “Do I need to get involved in this?” The short answer is “No”. If you are minimally involved and generally limit your participation to coming to meetings, you have survived so far without the reflector. We will continue to email The Link directly to you and this usually includes a meeting reminder. However, if you want to know what is going on in your local ham community, following the postings on the reflector will keep you in touch. Occasionally someone will post something for sale, and sometimes these are real bargains. Details on DurHamFest, Field Day, Public Service and ARES events, etc. will all come up on the reflector. So, the long answer is “No, but we highly recommend it.” So now, if you have something of interest to DFMA members or the broader ham community, you can send it to the NCOCRA reflector.
- 73, Dee, KU4GC 5/3/17, First published in the March Link. Rev 5/3/17

What has Happened to dfma.org?

A few weeks ago our website was seriously hacked and was being used to generate spam email in huge quantities. The site was then shut down by the web hosting site. To cope with this, it was decided to create a new web site using the html language only rather than the Joomla package which is based on php which is notoriously vulnerable. You are now looking at this, likely temporary, web site. It should provide you with basic DFMA information. In the near term, improvements will continue to be made.

Meanwhile we are discussing on what should replace this interim site. Should we go back to a newer version of Joomla (our previous system)? Some have suggested WordPress which also uses the vulnerable php language. Both newer version of Joomla and WordPress are regularly updated to fix known flaws, but many professionals feel they will never be safe.

Regardless of the ultimate system used, we hope to retrieve the articles and information from the old site because they represent a history of the DMFA. This is tricky because we can't just start up the old system which would then, again, start generating great volumes of spam. But there are ways to get at it -- the files are still available. Much of the content is stored in a database which we backed up monthly. We will work to get at the information in that database.

More pictures will also appear on both this site as we get things fully up to speed and on future sites. Most of the old pictures are in accessible files.

If you have any recommendation on any this please let us know.

Thanks in advance!
- KU4GC 4/27/17, rev. 4/30/17

May 2 Meeting Program: DurHamFest

In place of a regular program, we will finalize our plans for DurHamFest. This will be the DFMA’s 43rd DurHamFest! Please join us and help finalize our plans and list of volunteers so that we can ensure another successful and fun event. Jack, KM4MBG, our Hamfest Chair, will lead the program.

There may also be time for some Show&Tell if you have something interesting to share.

As always, see you at Bullock's BBQ, 3330 Quebec Dr, Durham, at 6pm on Tuesday, May 2nd.
- KU4GC 4/25/17