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DFMA Repeaters

147.225+ PL:82.5
224.260 -
443.1375+ DMR

TV Hill
145.450 - PL:82.5
444.100+ PL:82.5

VA Hospital
444.450+ PL:100.0

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Tech Repository
  • Program Notes   ( 9 Articles )

    This category should be used to store notes and materials from programs that were presented at DFMA meetings.  Normally these would be provided by the presenter.  It is hoped that this material would answer the "Gee, that was a great program.  What was the source of the box he was using?" or "Where did he get that software?"

  • Member Articles   ( 5 Articles )

    This category is intended to allow hams that have written up material on any ham-related topics to store them here for the benefit of others.

  • MCU Docs   ( 3 Articles )

    Documents relating to operation and maintenance of the MCU and the equipment kept in it.  In many cases, there will be an identical, hard-copy version of the document stored within the MCU.

  • Extra Class Notes 2015   ( 10 Articles )

    Here are the notes from the DFMA Extra Class taught February - March 2015.

    Notes reflect the different styles of the presenters.  The course was organized the ARRL Extra License Manual, 10th ed.  Note that chapter one of this text has general information and is not considered part of this course.