You have uterine fibroids. Why uterine fibroids are a warning sign that something is wrong in your system and in some cases even a warning sign for much worse diseases and what you can learn from it and do about it. Read more recent posts do it yourself vaginitis care: testing 07/23/2012 k is for kidney/bladder 06/18/2012 is my home pregnancy test telling the truth? 06/11/2012 oh no, where did it go? When things get acirceurooeliglostacirceuro� in the vagina 05/21/2012 “j” is for joints 04/23/2012 related news q a with lucy liu today's birth control options can cranberries fight urinary tract infections? Expensive health care isnacirceurotradet always best personal best: elisabeth shue report problems to the food and drug administration you are encouraged to report negative side effects of prescription drugs to the fda. The uterus is made up of two major structures, the myometrium (myo=muscle + metrium=womb) and the endometrium, the inside lining of the uterus (endo=inner + metrium=womb) where a fertilized egg implants to form the fetus. Html 31. Comall rights reserved worldwide about us faq contact us member benefits privacy policy shop site map blog training video library advertising affiliates cartoons authors submit articles members login premium membership expert authors endorsements editorial guidelines terms of service publishers follow us terms of service ezines / email alerts manage subscriptions ezinearticles rss. Impact factor is a combined measurement of the importance of a particular phrase to the site's search traffic and the level of search engine advertising competition (qci). viagra or viagra yahoo answers Sources: personal experience university of california san francisco medical center, fibroids, december 2010 national institute for health and clinical excellence, fibroids-what are the complications? published by j budd, rn - featured contributor in health wellness i am a registered nurse and former radio broadcast journalist in the nyc/nj area for over a decade. Home | mission | privacy practices | search | locations | contact us our team overview physicians nurse practitioners support personnel front office our services overview specialty gynecologic gynecologic surgery robotic surgery hysterectomy myomectomy laparoscopy pre/postoperative instructions in-office procedures hysteroscopy endometrial ablation tubal sterilization colposcopy leep in-office evaluation pelvic pain abnormal bleeding incontinence pelvic organ prolapse uterine fibroids sexual dysfunction abnormal pap smears sexually transmitted infections infertility evaluation hysterosalpingogram (hsg) treatment with clomid treatment with iui obstetrics/pregnancy prenatal care prenatal screening labor delivery postpartum recovery well woman care routine health care menopause perimenopause lab ultrasound gynecologic ultrasound prenatal ultrasound office appointments overview appointments locations release of information forms billing insurance prescriptions surgery scheduling your health overview gynecologic health abnormal bleeding contraception uterine fibroids hormone replacement (hrt) urinary incontinence pelvic pain menopause perimenopause pap smear pelvic organ prolapse stis/stds infertility vaginitis sexual dysfunction prenatal health nutrition in pregnancy exercise in pregnancy commonly used medications cold flu constipation in pregnancy diarrhea vomiting high-risk pregnancy labor delivery postpartum recovery twins general health faqs glossary health resources gynecologic health nbspabnormal bleeding nbspcontraception nbsputerine fibroids nbsphormone rt nbspurinary incontinence nbsppelvic pain nbspmenopause nbsppap smear nbsppelvic organ prolapse nbspstis / stds nbspinfertility nbspvaginitis nbspsexual dysfunction prenatal health general health faqs glossary health resources to learn more: uptodate: uterine fibroids acog publication faq: uterine fibroids gynecologic health mdash fibroids fibroids (leiomyomas) are benign uterine tumors that grow out of the muscle layer of the uterus. Phototherapy of tumours. Html 31. Mark taper foundation imaging center for a ufe? Acircnbsp what are uterine fibroids? Fibroids are benign (not cancer) masses of muscle tissue in the uterine wall. legal buy viagra online usa