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DFMA Repeaters

147.225+ PL:82.5
224.260 -
443.1375+ DMR

TV Hill
145.450 - PL:82.5
444.100+ PL:82.5

VA Hospital
444.450+ PL:100.0

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Written by WQ8U   
Wednesday, 10 February 2016 21:16
Time to work and enjoy those wonderful old AM and early SSB rigs.
Wilson will be there.
Modern rigs are encouraged to join in the fun.

The PHONE CX will run from 1400 UTC February 14 to 0800 UTC February 15, 2016.
(9 AM Eastern Time on Sunday to 3 AM Eastern Time Monday)
From 1400 UTC February 16 to 0800 UTC February 17, 2016
(9 AM Eastern Time on Tuesday to 3 AM Eastern Time Wednesday)
Call: "CQ Classic Exchange"
Suggested Frequencies -- plus/minus QRM
Listen up and down 5 to 10 Kc for crystal controlled stations
. . . . .
BAND 160&n bsp;         80              40                  20               15              10               6                   2
AM     1.890 mc. 3.860 mc.     7.270 mc.     14.280 mc.     21.400 mc.     29.000 mc.   50.300 mc. 144.300 mc.
SSB    1.920 mc. 3.840 mc     7.250 mc.     14.260 mc.     21.380 mc     28.600 mc.     50.125 mc 144.200 mc.
See you all Sunday and Tuesday!
Full details at: www.classicexchange.org
Questions? email me!   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Mac WQ8U Hillsborough, NC
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