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Thursday, 31 May 2012 19:00


OCRA/DFMA 2015 Field Day Operation


W4BOH qth, 3117 Moorefields Rd

Hillsborough, NC, June 26 -28

2015 Field Day Layout by Dave, W4SAR 2014 Field Day Site Plan

The actual contest runs from 2:00pm Saturday June 27 thru 2:00pm Sunday June 28.

This year we are again joining forces with OCRA for Field Day. [click here for OCRA web site] OCRA has a very strong Field Day tradition and has scored very well in the QRP/Battery divisions of the Field Day contest. This year there will be 9 stations.

Some participants will camp out.  See below for information about food and drink.  Bug repellent and sun screen are highly recommended.

For the second year, Field Day will be held at the Wilson Lamb (W4BOH) qth, 3117 Moorefields Rd, Hillsbourough.  [click here for map]


Parking: Along shoulder of Moorefields Road, some designated parking.

Talk-in repeaters:  W4UNC 442.150+(pl 131.8) and WR4AGC 147.225+, on-site simplex: 146.580.

Time: Set-up may commence after 8:00am Friday, June 26; antenna work will cease at 8:00pm.  After dark, set up of trailers and tents will be OK. Station set-up on Saturday will recommence at daylight and, hopefully, end by Noon. Field Day operations will start at 2:00pm local time on Saturday June 28, and will run for 24 hours straight, ending at 2:00 pm June 28.

Set-up and Take Down: An interesting assortment of wire, vertical radiator, and beam antennae are planned. Crews are needed to safely raise and guy towers, to pull long wires, and help drive ground rods.  Many hands make light work; set-up help is needed Friday, and especially Saturday. Objective is to get all antennas raised and stations set up no later than noon on Saturday so that we’re all relaxed for the 2:00pm kickoff. Lots of help will be needed after 2:00pm Sunday for the tear-down.

Visiting operators are certainly welcome, but need to coordinate times of operation with the band captains. CW operators in particular are needed.

The nine HF stations, their band captains and antenna types are as follows:
- 80 CW – Michael KK4EIB and Marty KM4ADJ: Two end fed Zepps, operating out of W4BOH basement.
- 40 CW - 20 CW- 15 CW- 10 CW: Operated by the “Consortium” Bruce N1LN, Wilson W4BOH, Tucker KK4UNZ, Andy W4KIL, Howie WA4PSC and a host of others. They will be operating out of the MCU. 40 CW will be run on wire and beam antennae. 20, 15, and 10M CW will be run on Yagi antennae. They will also be running a local network for logging.
- Multiband Digital – Dave W4SAR: Located at the eastern end of the pond, a G5RV antenna, as well as two vertical antennae for 40M and 20M.
- 80 Phone – Steve, W3AHL: Operating out of his mobile Palace. Two dipole antennae.
- 40/15 Phone – Joe K4SAR and Adriano KV7D: Located at the center shore of the pond. Wire beam antenna for 40M, yagi (?) for 15M.
- 20 Phone – Lad W4ORD & Dave W4SAR: located at eastern end of pond. Yagi antenna
- 10 Phone – Bob W4RWC and Karen KD4YJZ- Operating out of barn in center of property, Yagi Antenna. - VHF SSB/CW- Doug KA5ETS: Operating out of W3AHL’s RV, Yagi Antenna and dipole

Contact the individual band captains or  Field Day Coordinator, Dave Snyder W4SAR, if you can help out.


As he did last year. Skip, WB4P will provide two trays of sandwiches at about 11:00 for the benefit of people doing setup work Friday morning.
Dinner at about 6:30pm.  THIS IS ALL NEW.   Wilson, W4BOH, will smoke a Boston Butt for all who sign up for the associated Potluck Dinner.  This means you should sign up and be willing to bring something (Wilson needs a rough count to do his part.)  If you plan to attend, send email to our Field Day coordinator, Dave, W4SAR (w4sar01 at gmail dot com) to let him know what you are bringing. 
You are on your own for breakfast and lunch.
Dinner at about 5:30pm.   Dee, KU4GC and MK, W4MKR will fire up the grill and provide hamburgers, hot dogs, veggie burgers, chicken sausage, salmon burgers, fixings, chips, cookies, etc.  This is all you can eat and costs $5 per person.  (This charge and similar charge for Sunday, pays for the food plus the general supply of soft drinks and bottled water for the whole three day event.  Any surplus will, by tradition, go to the OCRA treasury.)  You do not have to give advance notice of your intention to eat with us Saturday or Sunday.
Breakfast/Brunch at about 9:am.  We will again use the grill to provide  Pancakes, sausage (and a veggie version), real maple syrup, juice, etc.  Again, this is all you can eat and costs $5 per person.

Drink:  Just to repeat the message imbedded in the text above.   There will be free soft drinks and bottled water available during the whole three day event.  It is important that you stay hydrated, especially if we have a hot weekend, as we often do this time of year.

Hillsborough, with many alternate dining options, is a few files away.

Hardware: Home Depot and Wal-Mart, Interstae-85 & NC Highway 86 in Hampton Pointe.


[click here for map]

From I85 - Exit #164, Hillsborough, go south 1/2 mile on S. Churton Street and turn right onto Oakdale Drive.  Follow Oakdale Drive about 1.25 miles to the end, then turn left onto Orange Grove Road.  After about 0.2 miles (crossing over I40) turn right onto New Grady Brown School Road.  Follow that road (passing Cedar Ridge High School) about one mile to the end. Turn left onto Dimmocks Mill Road and follow it about 3/4 miles.  Then turn right onto Moorefields Road; the Field Day site is on the SW corner of that intersection.

From I40 - Exit #261, Hillsborough, turn north on Old NC86.  Go about one mile and turn left onto Oakdale Drive.  Follow the rest of the instructions above.


Below are some pictures from past Field Days  -  Check out the Picture Gallery (in main menu) for MORE

Dee's Field Day 2014 (courtesy of KU4GC)


KR3AM, KK4DMS, N4UBH, W4WAR & W4ORD prepare to attach beam antenna to tower.


W4KIL, W4KSZ AND KZ1X working CW in W3AHL's "Field Day Hilton".


DFMA MCU ready to go

Click here for KU4GC's entire Field Day 2014 album on Flickr

Dee's Field Day 2013 (courtesy of KU4GC)


KS4VX attempt to reach a satellite.


K4SAR & N1YXU operating in the K4SAR camper


Help from the Piedmont bucket truck

Click here for KU4GC's entire Field Day 2013 album on Flickr

Mike's Field Day 2012 (courtesy of KK4BPH)


W4BOH, KJ4GDW and K4SAR: One way to contact a satellite.


K4PHS: Working 10m phone in the SMAT truck.


WD4CEE, WA4AHR and W4KSZ getting things set up

Click here for KK4BPH's entire Field Day 2012 set on Flickr

Joe's Field Day 2011 (courtesy of K4SAR)


NA4VY logging in K4SAR's trailer


W4BOH: CW in the MCU


W3AHL & W4SAR co-operating

Click here for K4SAR's entire Field Day 2011 set on Flickr

Field Day 2010 (courtesy of N1XPB and KU4GC)


KU4GC anchoring mess tent and W3AHL watching balloon launch (with KD4YJZ, W4MKR and KA4AVM. smart enough to stay out of the sun)


Bruce, N1LN, and Mac, WQ8U, operating CW from the MCU


Wayne, KJ4GDW, operating on 10 m from the MCU

Click here for the Field Day 2010 set on Flickr

Field Day 2009 (courtesy of KU4GC)




Gary, AI4GT, Operating CW


Bruce, N1LN, and Mac, WQ8U operating in the MCU

Click here for the OCRA/DFMA Field Day 2009 set on Flickr

Some sample pictures from Field Day 2008 by ku4gc.

IMG_1555 IMG_1549IMG_1556

Pictures above (LTR) 1. W4DAP operating in the MCU. 2. KE4OXN and N4UBH in the mess shelter. 3. WA4NID, KE4OXN (with grandchild), and KE4HIH.

Some pictures from Field Day 2008 by ke4qoz.

fieldday08 Arizona08 126 Arizona08 125


Pictures above (LTR) 1. & 2. KE4HIH, W4BOH, and WQ8U racking up the CW points. 3. W4BOH and WQ8U with even more.


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