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Wednesday, 23 July 2014 21:33

This page shows you selected pictures from various collections and especially flickr accounts and sets. For most sections there will be a way to click below the pictures to view the rest of the pictures. Or you may click on any one of the pictures to enlarge that picture and to get access to the complete set of pictures.

Note the Gallery Menu on the left that can get you to other collections of pictures.


MCU at Touch A Truck 2012 (courtesy of KU4GC)


Lowell, KK4PH; Derek, W4DTB; in MCU, operation special event station N4T


Father and son Morse code next to MCU


Duke's Life Flight helicopter arrives at Touch-A-Truck

Click here for KU4GC's's entire Touch A Truck album on Flickr



Mike's Field Day 2012 (courtesy of KK4BPH)


W4BOH, KJ4GDW and K4SAR: One way to contact a satellite.


K4PHS: Working 10m phone in the SMAT truck.


WD4CEE, WA4AHR and W4KSZ getting things set up

Click here for KK4BPH's entire Field Day 2012 album on Flickr



Dee's Field Day 2012 (courtesy of KU4GC)


WB4AHR & KV7D getting their tower ready


Growing towers (with one more to go)


W4BOH, WA2JLW & KK4EIB operating in the MCU

Click here for KU4GC's entire Field Day 2012 album on Flickr



DurHamFest 2012 (courtesy of KU4GC)


Tailgating at DurHamFest


The DFMA MCU for Talk-In and Show


The OCRA Table with N4ZAK & KD4OFG

Click here for the entire DurHamFest 2012 album on Flickr



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