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This page shows you  selected pictures from various collections and especially flickr accounts and sets. For most sections there will be a way to click below the pictures to view the rest of the  pictures.  Or you may click on any one of the pictures to enlarge that picture and to get access to the complete set of pictures.

Note the menu on the left that can get you to other collections of pictures.

Field Day 2009 (courtesy of KU4GC)




Gary, AI4GT, Operating CW


Bruce, N1LN, and Mac, WQ8U operating in the MCU

Click here for the OCRA/DFMA Field Day 2009 set on Flickr

Lenore's DurHamFest 2009 (courtesy of KF4PAB)


Tail-gating DurHamFest 2009


Bob, W4RWC, serving FREE COFFEE!


Dan, KR4UB; Karen, KD4YJZ; and Steve, W3AHL: To buy or not to buy?

Click here KF4PAB's DurHamFest 2009 set on Flickr

Dee's DurHamFest 2009 (courtesy of d KU4GC)


Tail-gating DurHamFest 2009


Lots of stuff


Wilson, W4BOH; Don, KE4UVJ; and Lisa, KG4PFB: Food prep and sale.

Click here for Dee's DurHamFest 2009  set on Flickr


Please Contribute Pictures

If you would like to contribute pictures of interest to DFMA members for display on this web site, please contact ku4gc. (If you already have a flickr account, then setup is very easy. Otherwise we can copy your pictures to the DFMA flickr account or you can set up your own account. Limited flickr accounts are free.) We can also store pictures on this web site.

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