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Join the DFMA (or renew your membership)

DFMA membership dues are $12 per year.  Additional family members living at the same address can join for $6 per year.  New members can prorate this fee by the number of months left in the calendar year.

To join, print out the front page of the form by clicking on the link below.  You can mail this to the address shown on the form or you can bring it to the next meeting.  To include family members, print out the back of the form as well (click on the link  below).

Free New Ham Membership

Receive a free (up to 12 months) membership ending on the first anniversary of your first licensing. You must attend a meeting to activate this membership. When your free membership expires, you may renew as a "new" member and pro−rate your dues if applicable.

Forms to use to Join or Renew (click on appropriate form below and print out)

* Front of Membership Form (this form needed for individual  and for family membership -- pdf)


* Back of Membership Form (only needed for family membership -- pdf)

Why Should You Join the DFMA?

The ham radio community is usually very friendly and willing to share most things with no strings attached.  So on purely economic grounds, you could get away with using the DFMA's repeaters, coming to DFM Meetings  and occasionally winning a door prize or other things the DFMA gives away.  You could get advice and help from DFMA members.  You could participate in events the DFMA organizes such as DurhHamFest, Field Day, certain public service events, and the occasional classes.  It is unlikely that anyone will complain and if you are destitute to the point that you may not be able to get your next meal, then you should definitely not pay DFMA dues.

However, I bet that most of you would feel better about this hobby if you felt that you did your share in supporting the effort. Membership is yours by paying dues of $12 per year -- not a big investment (It was $12 per year over 30 years ago, so counting inflation, it is close to free.) However, just as important, within the limits of your capabilities and free time, we'd like to have you get involved.  Help teach a class.  Present a program. Help run DurHamFest. Help maintain our Mobile Communication Unit (MCU).  Help a fellow ham with some technical problem. Participate in our nets and volunteer to help in some public service events.

There are actually a few benefits for membership that we do not give out to non-members.  Each year we publish a membership directory.  That (hard copy) is only given to paid-up members. Also, the club newsletter, the Link, is (in theory) only sent to paid members.  Since it is sent electronically, we have a fairly long grace period until we cut you off. Also, only active DFMA members may drive the MCU, after having been checked out for driving it.

Join us!

List of DFMA Members (and recent members)

If you are not sure if your dues are up to date, check in the table below. The list below is ordered by call-sign suffix. The two-part dates shown in the form MM,YY indicate the month and year through which a new ham free membership is in effect. (Last updated 9/30/14)

Call Paid Thru
KD4AGQ 2016
W3AHL 2014
WA4AHR 2014
KI4AIW 2013
KR3AM 2014
KM4ASD 2014
KF4ATZ 2012
KA4AVM 2014
AA4BB 2014
WA4BLE 2014
WA4BNT 2014
W4BOH 2014
KK4BPH 2014
KK4BVB 2012
WA4BVY 2012
KI4BZG 2012
KK4CCX 2014
NC4CD 2014
WD4CEE 2014
WD4CEY 2012
KG4CFX 2014
W4CHX 2014
KK4CKL 2012
KK4CKN 2012
WD4CLT 2014
KV7D 2014
KB4DLC 2014
KK4DMS 2014
KD4DNX 2013
KM4DVD 9,15
KG4EDY 2014
KK4EIB 2014
W4EJG 2013
KA4ELD 2014
KF4EUT 2014
KS9F 2014
KC8FLD 2013
KU4GC 2014
KJ4GDW 2014
N4GF 2019
K4GGB 2014
W1GWL 2014
N2HAK 2013
KW4HF 2014
KE4HIH 2014
KI4HQO 2014
WA4HYL 2014
NN4I 2012
AK4IH 2012
WD9IHI 2012
KE4IHX 2014
N2JFP 2013
WA2JLW 2014
KE4JYJ 2014
W4KSZ 2014
KF4LJZ 2014
KI4LLL 2012
W4MKR 2014
KK4MRE 2014
K2MZ 2014
N4NCT 2015
KG4NEL 2014
WA4NID 2014
KG4NNT 2015
KJ4NPF 2014
K1OC 2014
W4OFZ 2014
WA4OPI 2014
W4ORD 2014
KB4OT 2014
K0OUX 2016
KE4OXN 2014
KX4P 2014
WB4P 2015
KF4PAB 2014
KI4PAO 2012
KK4PH 2014
K4PHS 2014
KK4QDZ 2014
N4QM 2014
KK4QMB 2014
KE4QOZ 2014
W4QWM 2014
KI4QXJ 2014
KI4RAN+ 2014
WA2ROC 2014
W4RWC 2014
W4SAR 2014
KF4SUG 2013
W4SYL 2013
N4TMD 2014
N3TXU 2014
KB4TYE 2012
WQ8U 2014
KR4UB 2015
N4UBH 2012
KK4UNZ 10,14
N4UOQ 2014
W4USS 2014
KE4UVJ 2014
KB4VAN 2011
KD6VK 2014
N8VKK 2012
N4VVV 2015
KJ4VWG 2013
KS4VX 2014
NA4VY 2014
AK4W 2014
K4WCV 2013
AI4WJ 2012
KD4WNZ 2014
K4WVR 2012
N8XU 2014
N2XZF 2014
KF4YBH 2013
KD4YJZ 2014
N6YPE 2012
WB4YYY 2014
KF5ZVA 1,15
K1ZW 2014
KG4ZWS 2013
KG4ZYA 2013
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