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Thu Mar 30 @ 6:05AM - 07:15AM
PT Net - Bob, W4RWC, ncs
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Fri Mar 31 @ 6:05AM - 07:15AM
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Welcome to the Durham FM Association
April 7 Program: Collins KWM-1 Restoration Project Print E-mail
Written by Dietolf Ramm   
Sunday, 29 March 2015 22:15

John Green, KX4P, will give a presentation including slides and video illustrating his work in restoring a Collins KWM-1 transceiver.

He writes this about the rig:

The KWM-1 was a historic milestone in HF radio communications ushering in the first commercially successful transceiver. Prior to its development, ham communications used separate receiver and transmitter equipment. By the mid 1950s, most stations were true "boat anchors" using 120 pound AM transmitters and 65 pound receivers, all connected together with relays, cables, wires, etc. The Collins "Gold Dust Twins" (KWS-1 and 75A4) were top of the line examples.

In 1956 Collins produced the KWM-1. It was the first commercially successful transceiver, replaced AM with SSB and offered a complete 100 watt mobile/desk-top station in a small 16 pound cabinet. Only a few were made because, being immediately popular, it was redesigned and produced for both the amateur and military market as the famous KWM-2 (1958-1978 ?). It was later redesigned as the all solid state KWM-380 (1979-1983). Collins then exited the ham radio market.

Mar 3 Program: Fun with QRP Print E-mail
Written by ku4gc   
Monday, 02 March 2015 14:06

Fun with QRP - Paul Stroud, AA4XX

Paul writes:

"The AV presentation chronicles a number of QRP outings by me and my friends over the past few years, including a kayak expedition to the NC OBX, a NC QSO Party expedition to the Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge in Dare County, the recent 160M CW ARRL Contest from Lea Island, FD in the NC mountains, and a number of other interesting adventures.  The video also demonstrates a 40M CW QSO while I was running 50 milliwatts with a station in Quebec.

There are several VHF, as well as HF clips in the presentation.  For example, we'll see W4MPS working quite a few states via satellite with his VHF handheld."

Makeup Board Meeting Cancelled Print E-mail
Written by KK4EIB   
Tuesday, 24 February 2015 13:11

Once again. We have snow.

It appears to have snuck up on us this time.

We don't like driving in it so we're going to cancel tonight's shindig, too.

The way I think we'll handle this is we'll have a board meeting sometime while we're glomming down food at Bullock's. We'll discuss the most urgent things on our plate (other than BBQ), namely the arrangements for the DurHamFest.


DFMA Board Meeting Cancelled Print E-mail
Written by KK4EIB   
Monday, 16 February 2015 22:06

We're only going to get 1-3" of snow, but as we well know, we don't live in
a part of the country with the infrastructure to be able to deal with it with
snow/ice storms than by the warmth of the Sun.

Tomorrow's weather isn't expected to stay above freezing for anything
longer than about 3 or 4 hours -- not long enough to make the snow
disappear, but long enough to melt it to water so it can refreeze to ice.

I've consulted with a couple of you and we've came to the summary judgement
of rather than have us all risk falling on a patch of ice or slipping our vehicles into
another vehicle, bridge, ditch, or pedestrian we should cancel tomorrow night's meeting.

Subject to Charlie's availability for next Tuesday I'm proposing we shift the meeting to Tues
next week (2/24, same time slot). If Charlie's offices are not available I do have access to a
very nice conference room in American Tobacco we could make use of.

Stay warm/safe.


Extra Classes Start Saturday Print E-mail
Written by KK4EIB   
Monday, 16 February 2015 12:44

The DFMA is teaching classes to help you pass your Extra Class exam.  We invite hams to enroll in the classes which  starts on Saturday 2/21.  The following link gives the necessary details.
[Extra class flyer] (PDF)
If you want to sign up, please send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Last Updated on Monday, 16 February 2015 23:45
Feb 3 Program: Challenges and Advances in Developing Autonomous Vehicles Print E-mail
Written by KU4GC   
Saturday, 31 January 2015 08:35

Jeff is a computer science professor and dean at Duke University. He gave a DFMA program on robotics several years ago. Below is a summary for Tuesday’s presentation.

Advanced Vehicle Control Systems aim to reduce traffic accidents and congestion by adding some degree of autonomy or sophistication to the individual vehicles themselves. Autonomous vehicular control, a major thrust of current industrial and academic research, presents a significant challenge for computer science and engineering research. Advances in sensing, machine vision, and reasoning under uncertainty have been realized in vehicles in the DARPA Grand and Urban Challenges and the Google Self-Driving Car. I will talk about some of the challenges in developing autonomous vehicles and highlight some of the recent advances.


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