Google Maps and Merged Route Overlay for Habitat 2013 Ride

While this info is primarily for the event Net Control and Sweep vehicle volunteers, everyone is invited to become familiar with how we can use APRS and map overlays for ARES incidents.

Below is the URL that will launch and overlay the three routes and 4 rest stops, showing just the HABSWP-1, 2 & 3 sweep vehicle APRS positions. You may see posits left over from last year still near the finish line. We can add more tactical ID's if needed, but restricting it to just the event's APRS trackers keeps the map from shfiting every time another tracker sends its position. The APRS units' location will automatically refresh. You may need to log into and change/save your preferences for the display to work correctly.

[click here]

The actual Habitat2013.kmz file for Google Earth is at:

For Google Earth, download the above file to your computer, then Open it in Google Earth.

For Google Maps, browse to and paste the shortcut to the .kmz file above into the Address search area in Maps.

You can then print an overview map of all three routes or zoom into any area of interest and print detailed views, which help visualize where you are on course when following the detailed cue sheets.

The routes' layers overlay differently sometimes in the Google Maps and Google Earth, but what you should generally see is: The cyan route is the 30 mile, dark blue is 100 mile, and red is the 62 mile. Where the routes join, the color changes, so red + blue = purple, where the 62 & 100 mile routes overlap.

The little man/woman symbols are the rest stops 1-4 and the bicycle symbol is at Start/Finish.

Note how the 62/100 route comes in from the SE, instead of through downtown Durham, this year.

If you have problems getting the above to work or suggestions to improve it, feel free to contact me.

Steve, W3AHL
Cell: 610-733-5059