Call Up

    1. Durham County Emergency Management will place a phone call to a Durham County Amateur Radio Emergency Coordinator (EC) or an Assistant Emergency Coordinator (AEC).

      The Coordinator will the get following information:

      1. Type of emergency
      2. ARES mission (what is our job)
      3. Type of communications needed
      4. How many locations ARES will be needed
      5. Name of the locations and the address
      6. Estimated time duration of the emergency
      7. Get a phone number where you can reach Emergency Management Personnel for more information.



    1. The Emergency Coordinator or Assistant Coordinator will start the call up process and may hand this duty off to an ARES member or other AEC


    1. The EC or AEC will establish a Resource Net Control Station.


    1. The EC or AEC will establish 2 ARES Radio Operators at each location and establish tactical names for each job or location. ARES members will also be given the name of their contact person if available and an ICS Form 205 will be completed to establish a radio plan

      Possible locations for ARES are:

      1. Emergency Operations Center (EOC)
      2. On scene command post (command)
      3. On scene Triage and Transportation
      4. Hospital Emergency Department(s)
      5. Red Cross Chapter house
      6. Red Cross Shelters
      7. RDU Red Cross Family Center
      8. Durham 911
      9. Shelters at various Durham public schools



    1. When step 4 is completed the coordinator will contact Emergency Management and advise them of the status of ARES and who their contact person will be.


    1. The Coordinator will establish a time line and try to keep Operators in the field no longer than 6 hours at a time. If people are not available then your duty time may be longer.


    1. The Coordinator will locate in EOC with Emergency Management (EM) so as to maintain a liaison


    1. The Coordinator will stand down operators when (EM) no longer needs them. The coordinator may reassign available ARES operators.


  1. The Coordinator will request the net to stand down after (EM) has determined that ARES is no longer needed.