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Welcome to the DFMA

Upcoming Events
6/19 DFMA Board Meeting, NC4CD Office, 7pm
6/22 Field Day Setup 8am-6pm
6/22 Field Day Pot Luck Dinner 6pm
6/23-24 Field Day Operation (2pm Sat – 2pm Sun)
7/09 OCRA Meeting, Bahai Center, Efland, 7pm
7/17!!! DFMA Meeting, Bullock’s BBQ, 6pm
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The DFMA is an amateur radio club centered in Durham, NC, with members from all over the Research Triangle Area. We support an excellent set of repeaters but members enagage in all aspectus of ham radio. We meet monthly on the first Tuesday of the month at Bullock's Bar-B-Cue at 6pm for dinner with a program beginning at 7pm. The meetings are open to all with an interest in Ham Radio.

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Latest News

Field Day is Almost Here

It is less than a week for Field Day setup to begin. Press the Field Day "button" on the left for the latest information.

Field Day is an excellent opportunity for newcomers to learn both about operating under less than optimal conditions. Since there is plenty of supervsions, even hams with only a tech license, or prospective hams may operate. It is also an excellent opportunity to get to know your fellow hams a little better. There's little more rewarding than working with otheres to achieve common goals. Even if you have only limited time, it is worth dropping by to see what is going one. Join us!

Dee, KU4GC; 6/15/18

OCRA/DFMA Field Day Saturday 5pm Dinner & Sunday Breakfast Meal Attendees Requested to Prepay to Keep Costs Low

From last year’s Field Day and member discussion at club meetings, planning for the Field Day meals is one of the more challenging activities in terms of knowing how many will be at the meals and ensuring the right amount of food is purchased.

The festive DFMA/OCRA BBQ Potluck, hosted by Wilson and a small group of helpers is still on and still FREE. John Boone will be soliciting registration and potluck contributions as last year, so please sign up to join us and bring a tasty salad, vegetable, or dessert.

For the June 23 Saturday 5PM Dinner & June 24 Sunday Breakfast…

For this year’s 2018 Field Day, OCRA and DFMA are asking attendees to prepay (the same price as always, $5.00 for each meal) at the Field Day June 23, Saturday 5 PM Dinner and June 24 Sunday Breakfast in order to have an accurate count. This will help keep the cost low and avoid the clubs losing significant money or, asking members who do show up to pay a higher amount to cover those who do not. These payments also go to fund the availability of free bottled water during the Friday set up day.

Prepayment authorizes the club to buy food on your behalf and can be by cash or check payment at your convenience as described below. Vegetarian meals can be requested. PayPal costs for many small payments is excessive and precludes use of that feature. Based on the food purchase date, meal orders must be received by OCRA by June 18th. If you pay, and later must cancel due to unforeseen circumstances, send an email to treasurer@ncocra.org prior to the June 19th food order date, and your payment will be refunded or, you can use it as a tax-deductible donation to the club, or to extend your membership.

Making PrePay Easy

  • Using checks, or cash in an envelope as annotated below will help with record keeping (and refunds for timely cancellations). Checks and cash will be held and not deposited until food purchase. Cancellations received before food purchase will be refunded.
  • In addition to opportunities to pre pay by mail or at upcoming club meetings, the following OCRA/DFMA contacts at the Saturday morning breakfast locations below will accept your payment:
  • Each Saturday Ham Breakfast – June 2, 9, 16
    • Egg & I Chapel Hill on NC 54 East – Dan, KR4UB or M.K. W4MKR
    • Virlies Pittsboro John, KX4P
    • BoJangles at Hillsborough – Mike, KK4BPH
  • DFMA Club Meeting June 5, (M.K. W4MKR)
  • OCRA Meeting June 11 (Dan, KR4UB)

Checks or cash in envelopes marked with the same information shown on the check below will help with record keeping e.g. name, callsign, number attending dinner and breakfast meals, and preference for veggie meals.

Sample Check

Checking Receipt of your Meal Sign up Status

As prepay checks and cash are received as described above, the OCRA website page at this link will be frequently updated Field Day Meal Sign up Status

Thanks in advance for helping this part of Field Day to be a success!

Taken for NCOCRA.org; posted there by Dan, KR4UB; 6/4/18

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