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Welcome to the DFMA

Upcoming Events
4/13 VE Testing Session, Efland Bahai Ctr, CANCELLED
4/16 DFMA Board Meeting, NC4CD office, 7pm
4/20 RARSfest, State Fairgrounds, 8am-3pm
4/23 DC Auxcomm Meeting, Durham EOC, 7pm
5/07 DFMA Meeting, Bullock’s BBQ, 6pm
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The DFMA is an amateur radio club centered in Durham, NC, with members from all over the Research Triangle Area. We support an excellent set of repeaters but members enagage in all aspectus of ham radio. We meet monthly on the first Tuesday of the month at Bullock's Bar-B-Cue at 6pm for dinner with a program beginning at 7pm. The meetings are open to all with an interest in Ham Radio.

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Latest News

April 13 VE Testing Session CANCELLED

Dave, W4SAR, coordinator for the local VE team reported that due to a facilities scheduling problem, the site would not be available and therefore the Saturday, 4/13 VE test sessision had to be cancelled. He has notified the ARRL and any candidates that made their plans to attend known to him.

F.Y.I There will be a VE Testing session at RARSfest on April 20. See https://www.rarsfest.org/ for further information.

73, Dee, KU4GC 4/11/19

April 2 Program: Sorry Programming Languages & Surprises

Mark, KR3AM will present on "The sorry state of modern programming languages, and other rants, with surprises."

Mark always presents an interesting program. He's keeping details close to the vest, but there will be some interesting artifacts. You'll have to come to find out...

73, Dee, KU4GC 3/27/19

March 5 Program: TARPN

Tadd, KA2DEW, will be at Bullocks this Tuesday to talk about what VHF/UHF packet radio is, what operators of a TARPN station see, what hardware it uses, what people do in the group, and how to join in the fun. We'll have a couple of systems, radios, Raspberry PIs, antennas and a very short slide show.

A local group Amateur Radio project has sprung up over the past 5 years called TARPN. The project uses packet radio in a new way to do live chats between the participants over a four county area here in Central North Carolina.

Just as DxCluster, APRS and working digital satellites are all different ways of using packet over VHF/UHF Amateur Radio, TARPN has yet another. TARPN is building an off-the-grid text chat network which is attractive to builders, tinkers, preppers, VHF enthusiasts and especially to young adult hams.

The Central North Carolina TARPN has 22 on-the-air stations between Wendel and Mebane. There are TARPNs in NC, Pennsylvania and Michigan and experimenters in a few more US locations including Puerto Rico, as well as in England and Japan. The TARPN email reflector has 140 participants world-wide.

Two interesting elements about the TARPN project are that they've overcome the saturation problem where packet radio networks fail when they get too crowded, and TARPN permits (nay, insists) that each and every participant have a fully expandable piece of the network. Nobody is a dependent. Everybody is a builder.

73, Tadd, KA2DEW 3/1/19

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